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Khonology Services

Khonology is an African services company that uses technology to transform and empower Africa's people and businesses.

Our Khonologists are trained to add value across all our specialities across the system development life cycle. Our key proficiencies include providing systems / applications quality assurance, developing client bespoke tools, providing support and analysis across our practice streams.

Strategy & Advisory

Our strategic and senior advisors unlock value within Africa’s technologists to develop, build and sustain an ecosystem that is relevant in today’s digital economy. Khonology collaborates with strategic partners with vast experience driven by the purpose to provide African solutions. Our Strategic advisory approach focuses on ensuring sustainable advisory.

  • Khonology provides Insights, thought leadership and industry experience to assist in mapping out client’s delivery plans.

  • Khonology provides benchmarking and research to help ensure that clients measure up globally and apply best practice.

  • Khonology’s senior partners are equipped with the right knowledge and experience to provide system evaluation and selection advise, supporting clients in making the right decisions.

  • Khonology provides tools to help businesses effectively manage technology and business Delivery Risk.

Implementation & Evaluation

Khonology provides implementation solutions focused on our key practice streams. Our delivery teams are structured by allocating subject matter experts to add value on a strategic level and merging that with highly skilled consultants with the right delivery-focused attitude.

Khonology’s disruptive approach to ensuring projects are successfully executed includes making sure that knowledge is retained for clients to use as a repository for future processes. Khonology’s project delivery record runs across systems implementation, application upgrades as well as integration and systems migration. Our ability to leave a succession plan to support and continuously add value allows us to create a long standing and sustainable relationship for our clients.

Outsourcing & Capacity Augmentation

Our capacity augmentation solutions include providing optimised consultants (Khonologists) from a subject matter expert level to junior analyst level. Our people have the competencies to make a difference to the client with; the right delivery-focused attitude and an understanding of how to add value above and beyond client expectations. Our capacity solutions allow immediate value add for the client, leaving a succession plan that ensures sustainable solutions with skilled capacity.

People Transformation & Optimisation

Khonology provides skills development and training to ensure we empower our people, our clients and the nation to ensure great stewardship.

  • Empower through business skills (soft and hard skills) development
  • Financial Literacy and Wellness
  • Digital Literacy and wellness
  • Talent management
  • Corporate and Executive Development

Enterprise Technologies

Khonology has partnered with a number of key vendors to ensure that a significant focus is placed on developing skilled and competent local talent. This ensures sustainability for both client and vendor and increases benefit and utilization of vendor solutions. Our partnerships and alliances vary to provide solutions across client’s various needs such as; CRM, treasury, core banking, data analytics, risk, ERP to name a few.


Value Proposition

We provide solutions that leave Africa's businesses and Africa's people in a sustained and empowered state. We solve the problem regarding lack of market skills, lack of IP retention and lack of client - centric solutions along with unemployment. This is done through our large network of local talent, wide range of vendor and client partnership. Our academy ensures we are able to upskill and bridge the gap between the market and corporate space.

Khonology's flexible, agile approach allows us to influence the client’s value chain. We aim to never provide generic solutions, but rather client-centric collaboration. We work together to ensure clients meet their financial and social deliverables.

Khonology Specialised Areas

Our specialists partners provide clients with capacity and succession planning solutions.

Our domain expertise in technology services, knowledge of software solutions, and data integration, project management, and propriety tools mean we meet our clients operations and business requirements.

Our Specialised areas
are focused on

  • Project implementation across:
  • Analysis
  • Quality assurance
  • Development
  • Integration
  • Migration
  • Analytics
Data Analytics &
  • Data quality and remediation assurance
  • Business Intelligence & Market Intelligence reporting
  • Regulatory reform programme
  • Data and workforce analytics
  • Data science practice
Finance &
  • Credit and debt value adjustment
  • Market risk
  • Credit risk
  • Risk and regulation analysis and reporting
Accounting Systems
  • Treasury and financial risk analysis
  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Inventory data
  • Sales Analysis
Processing &
  • Payment technology analysis and quality assurance
  • Validation, booking and confirmations
  • Clearing and settlements execution and reporting
CRM Systems
  • Client on-boarding and support
  • Customer and reference data
  • Customer relationship management
  • Client repository

Khonology Partners & Alliances

Delivering practical and sustainable solutions to

Empower Africa