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Khonology Services

Khonology is an African services company that uses technology to transform and empower Africa's people and businesses.

Our Khonologists are trained to add value across all our specialities across the system development life cycle. Our key proficiencies include providing systems / applications quality assurance, developing client bespoke tools, providing support and analysis across our practice streams.

Specialised Software Development

Khonology’s in-house development team specialise in developing bespoke Fintech solutions for our clients within the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industries. With a successful track record in developing and building sustainable platforms that de-risk our clients technology investment. In addition the development team have developed a number of internal tools and platforms to accelerate project delivery and manage our client delivery risk effectively.

Delivery Execution

Khonology’s consulting and advisory team are strongly focused on delivering successful outcomes for our clients. Khonology has developed a number of tools and models to enhance delivery execution within technology projects as well as having developed a number unique and bespoke outsourcing models that successfully manage delivery risk in terms of Key-man Risks, Succession planning, IP Retention and reducing total cost of ownership related to technology investments.

Khonology has a number of managed service offerings to enhance delivery and localise costs. The managed services are across the following disciplines; Testing as a Service (TaaS), Support& Maintenance, Monitoring, Reporting and Operations.

Khonology’s Delivery execution assists our clients address the challenges associated with; Time to market and achieving aggressive delivery timelines, Resource Capacity to ensure business delivery and addressing the skills gap that impacts project delivery.

Integration & Data Services

Khonology has developed a number of services around Data collection, Data Validation & Data Cleansing as well and Data Reporting that support data integration projects and systems integration within enterprise environments.

The Data services team also deliver a number of initiatives around Data analytics and Data modelling to better support business decisions.

Technology Based Vendor Solutions

Khonology has established associations and partnerships with a number of key technology solution providers to provide a localised skilled offering to support our clients with system ingrains and delivery, support and maintenance and reducing the total cost of ownership of technology investment and footprint. Our associations and partnerships run across Banking, Financial Services and Insurance Providers within SA and across Africa.

Benefits to choosing Khonology

  • Solutions with a level of direction that suites your needs
  • Flexibility to move between models
  • Fast ramp up and ramp down of resources
  • Technical Experts in specific Vendor Platforms when needed
  • Competitive Blended rates
  • Rolling monthly costs
  • On-Site and off-site resources

Khonology’s service offering addresses the following challenges

  • Time to Market - Driving more aggressive delivery timescales
  • Resource Capacity - Enhance localised skills to deliver business critical changes
  • Skills Gap - Addressing the need to develop long term and sustainable skills that impact the end-to-end delivery of a project
  • We Reduce the cost of ownership for clients by removing key man dependency and forging succession planning
  • Our service delivery model allows a low risk and flexible solution (by resources and by rate) for clients

Value Proposition

We provide solutions that leave Africa's businesses and Africa's people in a sustained and empowered state. We solve the problem regarding lack of market skills, lack of IP retention and lack of client - centric solutions along with unemployment. This is done through our large network of local talent, wide range of vendor and client partnership. Our academy ensures we are able to upskill and bridge the gap between the market and corporate space.

Khonology's flexible, agile approach allows us to influence the client’s value chain. We aim to never provide generic solutions, but rather client-centric collaboration. We work together to ensure clients meet their financial and social deliverables.

Khonology Specialised Areas

Our specialists partners provide clients with capacity and succession planning solutions.

Our domain expertise in technology services, knowledge of software solutions, and data integration, project management, and propriety tools mean we meet our clients operations and business requirements.

Our Specialised areas
are focused on

  • Project implementation across:
  • Analysis
  • Quality assurance
  • Development
  • Integration
  • Migration
  • Analytics
Data Analytics &
  • Data quality and remediation assurance
  • Business Intelligence & Market Intelligence reporting
  • Regulatory reform programme
  • Data and workforce analytics
  • Data science practice
Finance &
  • Credit and debt value adjustment
  • Market risk
  • Credit risk
  • Risk and regulation analysis and reporting
Accounting Systems
  • Treasury and financial risk analysis
  • Financial planning and analysis
  • Inventory data
  • Sales Analysis
Processing &
  • Payment technology analysis and quality assurance
  • Validation, booking and confirmations
  • Clearing and settlements execution and reporting
CRM Systems
  • Client on-boarding and support
  • Customer and reference data
  • Customer relationship management
  • Client repository
Additional technology
  • Robotics
  • Peer 2 Peer lending technology

Khonology Partners & Alliances

Delivering practical and sustainable solutions to

Empower Africa