With technology we can bring about
powerful change and growth in Africa.

Collaboration is the key

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Graduate Programme

Are you...

a talented problem solver looking for an opportunity in the IT and Finance industry?

Do you believe you have what it takes to start a career at a dynamic technology company?

If yes, click below to apply to join the Khonology community and kick off your career as change maker in the technology industry.

Requirements to join

  1. Be a South African citizen
  2. Have a relevant degree in ICT & Sciences
  3. Be Passionate about technology and finance
  4. Support yourself financially during the 6 weeks full time training period
  5. Commit to a minimum 2 (two) years of employment after completing training
  6. Be geographically flexible
  7. Have excellent programming, numeracy, verbal and writing skills

If you believe that you want to begin a career as a technologist send your CV to the Future Talent Academy.

“You made me one of your own when no one wanted to. You restored my self-confidence, managing to turn lemons into lemonade. Today I, a boy from Limpopo is delivering ground breaking projects in Africa’s largest investment bank, thank you Khonology family.”

Nkhulang Tshangwane (Khonologist – Project: eMarkets)

Collaborate With Us To Take You To The Next Level

Khonology Careers

We want to collaborate with you and take your career to the next level. Join Khonology and be part of the movement that looks to impact Africa’s society and economy.

Joining us offers an opportunity to lead the change and being empowered in an organisation that stands for Empowering Africa’s businesses, people and you.

  1. We look to partner with subject matter experts who provide tactical consulting and advisory services to empower clients and Khonology. Our aim is to partner with SME’s who encourage succession planning, IP retention and knowledge transfer. Khonology drives to hold a sustainable and valuable relationship with its SME’s to ensure that all parties enjoy a healthy and empowered relationship.
  2. A key tactic for Khonology to ensure knowledge transfer and succession planning is through collaborating our junior analysts with SME’s. This model allows the SME to empower the African community to being effective citizens for clients as well as their society. We encourage a partnership with subject matter experts who impact not only businesses but the people around them.

If you would like to partner with us please send your CV to Optim Solutions